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thanx for your work. :)) Can you scan the second one again? I would like to read also the left side, the text there was cut. :(


Catherine O'Donnell

Sure, I will when I get a minute but it isn't anything to do with Gillian :)


Obrigada pelos scans!


I'd rather she wouldn't do theater. It might sound selfish, but if she does that, then she won't do a film (or TV, if that's even possible) and the fans who can't travel are kind of left behind for a whole year (or more?).
Not that I'm blaming her or anything. But it'd be nice if she could do something we could all enjoy...

I hope this isn't taken the wrong way. Thanks for the scans! ;)


Thanks for the interview!!


thanks for scans


thank you so much for sharing your scans, those who we live geographically too far really appreciate them!

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